Thursday, December 20, 2012

 The willow tree was sacred to the goddess Prosperpina/Persephone, consort of Pluto/Hades and daughter of Ceres/Demeter.
 Xanthos was the River God Scamander which flows outside of the legendary city of Troy.  After Achilles insulted him, he joined the battle on the side of the Trojans nearly killing Achilles, who was saved only by the intervention of Hera and Athena
 The Yew Tree was sacred to the Great Goddess Hecate, a tripartite goddess and patroness of witches.
Zephyrus is the god of the West Wind, and heralds spring.  He is also the last illo in my ABC Godlings and Goddesses series.  Finished just in time for my self-imposed end of year deadline!
Now I just need to finish writing the character bios and finalize the book design and I'm ready to look into publishing options!

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