Friday, June 3, 2011

astrology dolls in porgress

These are characters I am developing for a line of clothing and children's books.  The designs aren't quite finished yet, but because I liked how these turned out I will most likely go back and redesign some of the others I have posted in the past.

Bee Movie, seq 1900, 2006

This scene was eventually cut from the movie but I really enjoyed torturing that little kid with the smoker.  Davis Letterman was cast as the beekeeper, that scratch track was pretty funny.

Bee Movie, seq. 1300, 2005

This is the first scene I boarded on Bee Movie and one of the first that went into production.

Friday, March 11, 2011

new minicard designs I made

I spent a few hours yesterday working on these little guys for a set of minicard/business cards that I am having printed though  I can't wait to see them finished!  Thanks to the tip from the great Bob Logan, I finally have something cool to pass out when I'm asked for contact info. : D
And check out the website, they print all kinds of cool stuff for ya.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragged from the dusty bins of my art room...

This is from a very old idea I had about a sunny haired SoCal girl who moves to the Great Cold North when her dad takes a job with the Alaskan Forestry Service.  Suffering from a severe case of culture shock and homesickness, she discovers a new kind of friend in Kodi, a young Kodiak bear cub.  Kodi helps Kaylee learn to weather her new surroundings and through their adventures, she learns to love this larger than life wilderness.
Originally planned as a children's book, I soon realized their story had great potential to teach about what is really happening in Alaska and our National Parks: from oil drilling to the hunting of wolves and seals, the plight of the polar bears losing their habitats as well as other Arctic animals to conservation and global warming.  So the idea went to the back burner as I knew I wanted to do more research on those issues and determine a way to speak about them in a way that inspires children to go online and discover more about the natural world and the importance of becoming stewards of the land.  I spent some of my childhood in Nebraska where we went on loads of field trips and girl scout camping trips and learned about trees and conservation (Arbor Day was begun by one of Nebraska's native sons, I was told) and Native American traditions and their relationship to the earth.  A teacher introduced me the works of author Jean Craighead George and I read "Who killed Cock Robin?" and the "Julie and the Wolves" series for the first time. Those years were really powerful influences on me, and she was educating young readers about conservation long before the "Go Green" movement came along.  So I'm still percolating on the nature of the stories I'd like to tell with"Kaylee and Kodi" but these two are dear to my heart...
And these guys I drew on greeting cards just for the fun of real story there except that I have no idea who I gave them to!

Friday, March 4, 2011

MegaMind scenes from version 1.0 and 1.5

I worked on MegaMind for the first year and a half of its production.  Which meant I was on the film early during its developing stages.  I worked with two sets of directors before the film was given to Mr. McGrath (and I moved onto another DreamWorks property).  So the following scenes were largely exploratory, altho' the last scene between Roxanne and MegaMind was very close to the one that made it into the final film.

This is the next one:

And the last scene: