Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I can finally post these boards I did for Guardians back in 2009.  I worked on the first version of this movie, before Jeff Lynch was removed as director.  I had a lot of fun in story meetings with Jeff, the Head of Story Chris Appelhans, and Ryan O'Loughlin for my first three months on the film as we brainstormed the mythology, themes, character and story arcs.  It was a real learning experience and super creative.  I left the project after six months to go work on the Dragon Holiday Special: "The Gift of the Night Fury".  But I miss those days of being holed up in a small conference room and wrapping our minds around such an epic story, and I'm really grateful to Jeff for being included in those meetings.
This was the first confrontation between Tooth and Jack when he discovers the power of the teeth she collects:

And this was another confrontation, only this time North is upset that Jack has allowed Pitch to escape:


  1. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for sharing these :)

  2. It would have been SO MUCH BETTER if Tooth had been more like this -- all fierce and warrior-like. Not that I didn't enjoy the movie as it is, but Tooth really bothered me, especially after I found out she was supposed to be this amazing immortal warrior queen in the books. You expect me to believe somebody like that would be cowed by a single Nightmare, as she was at the Tooth Palace in the finished movie? Yeah, okay. Whatever.