Friday, March 4, 2011

MegaMind scenes from version 1.0 and 1.5

I worked on MegaMind for the first year and a half of its production.  Which meant I was on the film early during its developing stages.  I worked with two sets of directors before the film was given to Mr. McGrath (and I moved onto another DreamWorks property).  So the following scenes were largely exploratory, altho' the last scene between Roxanne and MegaMind was very close to the one that made it into the final film.

This is the next one:

And the last scene:


  1. That dinner scene breaks my heart...everytime

  2. If ever you wish to send more of those, I really like reading them!!! I like to see the other possibilities that were explored about Megamind.

  3. I absolutely love your storyboards! I kind of wish that the Megamind in the movie looked like the way you drew him here. I just think he is so much cuter with a button nose and mustache. XD

    I would love to see more of your Megamind Storyboards if I could. Would it be possible for you to share any more Megamind storyboards that you may have that you haven't posted on your site with me? I'm sorry if that is too opposing of me to ask, but I honestly really want to see more. If only there was a book containing all of the Megamind storyboards ever drawn, I would buy that in a heartbeat, but unfortunately there is not.

    Thank you,