Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to my new page!

Hi all,
So I am finally back to blogging!  Thanks for stopping by :)

A good friend of mine, Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, invited me to attend an animation conference with her in Athens, Greece this March.  Thanks to her, I have been sorting through files and files of artwork that have been sitting around collecting the proverbial digital dust and I realized I really ought to be posting again.
Some of what I will post will be boring ol' animation stuff.  But mostly it will be the private projects I need to get out of my computer and off my drawing board and out into the Universe!

For starters, this first piece is from a children's book idea I have been toying around with about a world traveler named Zack who has a bit of a problem with his sense of direction:

These next two are actually preliminary designs for a website I plan to build where I can sell clothing, knick-knacks, and such starring the Astrology characters I've been doodling in notebooks and on napkins for the past 10 years.  I also have a 12 book children's series in mind!  So stay tuned for more of these guys showing up:

I've also been known to spend some down time doodling on the Cintiq, and pretty girls seem to show up more often than not....

Finally here are a few character explorations for a couple other guys who are asking me to tell their stories. Meet Pedro the Bull and Eep the Monkey:

So that's my first sampling.  I hope you stop by often as I am making a commitment to post on a weekly basis.  Thanks again!  And Happy Blogging!
:) Kat

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